Embroidered Earth Embroidery Kit

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Is it a globe? Is it an embroidery hoop? It's all of the above!

The Embroidered Earth kit is ideal for beginners, and includes everything you need to stitch your own piece. Just grab a pair of scissors and get started!

Sammy's Note: This design was inspired by a painting by Raphael, after Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh asked me to create a design alongside an exhibition on Raphael's work. Being asked to stitch a piece of embroidery based on Italian renaissance art was a difficult brief - but inspiration finally struck!

In his painting The School of Athens, Raphael depicted a large group of philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists. It's a beautiful image - but it struck me that it was very male dominated, with few depictions of classical 'women's work'.

As I was thinking this, a small snippet in the corner of the painting caught my eye: the figure of Ptolemy, holding out a globe. So, I made my own version! A globe, encompassed in an embroidery hoop, being stitched by a woman's hands (my own). I added a golden needle to the piece - my own little love letter to needle and thread.

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