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Nurge embroidery hoops are the perfect way to display your completed work!

These beautifully finished frames are made of Beech, with a small hanging hook attached.

This style of embroidery hoop comes in 5 sizes. The smallest - 4 inches (100mm) diameter - are perfect for mini pieces of embroidery, or for making festive Christmas baubles! I frame all of my designs in these hoops - usually the largest 8.5 inch (220mm) - so they're great if you've completed a Paraffle embroidery pattern before.

All of the dimensions provided are for the inner hoop (i.e. the diameter of the fabric that is on display). Including the outer hoop, add 0.5inches. With the outer hoop included, the diameter increases by 0.45 inches for all of the hoops.

Note; these hoops don't have screw tops, and the inner and outer hoops are slightly loose - so they're for display only, and can't hold fabric tight enough for stitching! If you're looking for a frame to work in, try our 8 inch bamboo embroidery hoops.

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