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Sonata Seat Frame

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Sonata embroidery hoop stands are just what you need to make stitching easier.

Designed to hold hoops in place while you stitch (by simply tucking under your leg), these stands free up both hands - making fiddly stitches like French Knots much more manageable. By holding your embroidery for you, they're great for preventing achy hands, backs, and fingers from holding your hoop in position!

Sonata stands are lightweight and adjustable: you can alter the height and positioning of the stand, and it's easy to flip your embroidery hoop over for tying off (or untangling pesky knots at the back!).
  • This stand holds hoops up to 30cm (12 inches) wide and extends up to 40cm
  • Comes with with comprehensive assembly instructions
Paraffle Note: These hoop stands were a revelation for me - until I started using one, I didn't realise just how much strain I was putting on my hands (particularly my pinky finger!) from holding hoops in place for hours at a time. Plus, from setting the stand at a good height, I finally stopped hunching over - saving my shoulders and neck a whole world of trouble!
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