Lazy Daisy Stitch

Learn how to do a Lazy Daisy Stitch in Hand Embroidery - this is a really cute one for creating flowers and other small details.
Instructions (given in video):
  1. Come up in the spot where the centre of your daisy will be. Then go back down the same hole, leaving a good-sized loop - don't pull it tight!
  2. Bring your needle back up at the spot where the end of a petal will be.
  3. Make sure your needle goes through the loop, and that the loop is lying flat. Pull (but not too tight!).
  4. Make a tiny stitch - just a millimetre - to anchor it down. That's your first petal.
  5. Repeat - come up in the middle, then back down in the same place, leaving a loop. Come up at the end of a petal...go through the loop, and pull. Anchor it with a tiny stitch.
  6. If you accidentally pull your loop too tight, just use the end of your needle to pull and loosen it.

You can make daisies with as many petals as you like - I tend to do 5, 6, or 8.

If you've got any questions, add them below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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