Modern Embroidery Ideas + FREE Designs

  • The Red Dress Project

    Sometimes you see an embroidery project that blows you away. The Red Dress project - conceived and developed by British artist Kirstie MacLeod - is one of those. Take a look!
  • Our Black Friday Charity Event - with Excellent Development

    I'm SO excited to announce the continuation of our favourite Paraffle tradition: our Black Friday Charity Event! This year, we’re partnering with Excellent Development - 25% of Paraffle sales from the Black Friday weekend will be donated to them.
  • What can I Embroider?

    Looking for ideas as to what you can hand embroider directly on to? I've listed out a few ideas here!
  • How to Customise Clothes with Hand Embroidery

    I'll talk you through how to use hand embroidery to customise and upcycle your clothes. You can create a totally unique item of clothing to show off - and it's really easy to do, once you know how. Plus, it's a great way to break the cycle of fast fashion!
  • How to Make an Embroidered Patch

    Learn how to make a hand embroidered patch with our full guide for beginners. Patches are a useful way to customise your shirts, jackets and accessories. They're perfect for upcycling old clothes!
  • How to Embroider flowers

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that flower designs are an absolute classic part of embroidery styles both vintage and modern. Simply type “embroidery” into Pinterest and you’ll find that nine out of ten image results will feature flowers! And with spring firmly in the air up here in Edinburgh...
  • Embroidery Storage ideas and organisation inspiration

    Crafters of all kinds will know this problem all too well - the more you get into your hobby, the more equipment you acquire. Some new threads and a few different hoop sizes here, a couple of fabric options for the stash that were on special offer there…
  • Embroidered accessories ideas

    Embroidery is such a versatile craft that can have so many lives outside of the hoop. The art of creating patterns and text with just needle and thread can be transferred onto all manner of other mediums...
  • How to embroider letters

    There's a few ways to embroider lettering - I'll take you through some of them in this article!
  • Hand embroidery and mindfulness

    Embroidery helped me get through some of my most stressful times at university - Here's my personal take on the relation to mindfulness!
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