Whipped Back Stitch

Whipping a stitch is simply winding a second thread around a previous line of stitching.

It creates a twisted effect with your thread, and is great for smoothing out gaps between stitches - perfect for writing and letters!

  1. It begins with doing a simple Back Stitch: start with a stitch between 0.5 and 1cm long.
  2. Come up a stitch length away; then bring your needle down through the previous hole.
  3. Come up another stitch length away, and go back on yourself again.
  4. Complete your full line of Back Stitch like this, and tie off. Now for the Whipping!
  5. Bring your needle up at the start of your stitching - through (or very close to!) your first hole.
  6. Pass the needle underneath your first stitch, pulling it loosely.
  7. Continue to pass your needle under each stitch. Make sure the thread always goes in the same direction: here, I passed my needle through from top to bottom
  8. To finish the line, pass your needle to the back at the same point that your Back Stitch ends, then tie off. Sorted!

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